Priscilla Huddleston

Priscilla Huddleston

Priscilla Huddleston is the CEO & President of PBH Solutions LLC, a bookkeeping company that supports small businesses with expert bookkeeping services. With over 20 years of accounting/bookkeeping experience, Priscilla has a clientele of non-profit organizations, corporations, and individual personal accounts.

Priscilla has worked in both the public and private sectors, with significant understanding of governmental regulations pertaining to individuals and corporations. She has formerly served as Finance Director at a charter school and General Accountant at Greater Grace Temple Church, both in the city of Detroit. Priscilla has assisted many small businesses with obtaining resources to grow their business, support with operational cash flow, and acquiring assets.

Priscilla graduated from Wayne State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Investment Finance. Her finance background allows her to serve as a liaison between the client and bank officers, wealth managers, tax consultants, and legal advisors. Her dedication to specialized bookkeeping services for small businesses and assisting with company growth has helped her earn trust with her clients. Having served as an individual accountant, business manager, controller, or working with groups, Priscilla is an excellent leader and team player. She can efficiently divide up tasks and take charge of identifying key objectives when needed.

Priscilla Huddleston is a proud member of Citadel of Praise church on the northwest of Detroit. She has three adult children, William, Deangelo, and Cece. Her heart is truly for supporting the youth and working within the metro Detroit community.

Priscilla Huddleston can be reached at